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 The benefits of digital customer experience management

The benefits of digital customer experience management

An effective digital customer experience strategy, that fully exploits customer data to drive personalization, can reap significant business benefits, including:

1. Deliver a ‘single source of the truth’ for each customer

All too often, organizations find themselves with literally hundreds or thousands of customer-facing systems that span different departments and the entire customer journey. These often form silos of customer information that inhibit collation or sharing. Worse, customers can be forced to provide their information again in each interaction with a new team or a team can be armed with inaccurate information, leading to a greatly reduced digital customer experience.

Modern digital experience platforms let you create a ‘single source of truth’ for customer profiles that breaks down siloes and allows information to flow between solutions and teams along the customer journey. This allows you to design experiences relevant to each individual customer at every touchpoint.

2. Create dynamic customer profiles

Your digital customer experience strategy is constructed around making your customers feel like you understand them and their needs, providing content they care about, and anticipating what they want next.

Once you’ve created a single source of truth for each customer, you can build a dynamic customer profile that will follow each individual customer as they pass from department to department along their journey with your organization. The profile alters in real time as your customer engages with you. This allows for digital customer experiences that evolve instantaneously as additional information on the customer becomes available.

3. Achieve personalization at scale

To fully benefit, you must be able to achieve personalization at scale. According to McKinsey, organizations that can personalize interactions with all or large segments of their customers often see a 2% or more lift in total sales. This requires more than just the ability to capture and collate customer data from any number of sources, it involves the ability to apply AI and machine learning to that data. Your digital customer experience management tools must be able to handle massive data sets to turn the information into insights into every customer.

4. Improve experience across the customer lifecycle

Digital customer experience is often seen as primarily the province of your marketing team, but it extends far beyond your sales and marketing functions. Every customer facing function can benefit from an enterprise-wide digital customer experience program that uses customer data to inform engagement and decisions along the customer journey. This means not only having access to up-to-the-minute, accurate customer data within your digital experience platform but also full integration with other related systems such as content management, customer journey matching, and customer relationship management (CRM) and, even, ERP.

5. Improve governance of customer data

Regulations like GDPR and CCPA have set a very high bar for the protection of personal data and more legislation is on the horizon. This means that companies have to be very careful of how they capture, store, manage, and distribute customer data. Having such data held within siloes across the organization now represents an unacceptable risk. Solutions like OpenText Experience CDP put all customer data in one place that allows you to apply a single governance policy throughout the customer journey and can be effectively audited when required.

Types of digital customer experience services

It’s clear that there are many moving parts to great customer experience, especially in the digital realm. What’s more, new digital customer experience technologies are appearing all the time that offer the potential to increase the breadth and depth of your customer relationships. This is creating a complex environment that can be difficult for even the largest organization to navigate.

Organizations are increasingly turning to best-of-breed digital experience companies that can deliver innovative and powerful services to build outstanding customer experiences and facilitate frictionless customer journeys. Providers offer many types of digital customer experience service and the partner you choose will depend on which meets your exact business requirements.


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