Real business problems

solved by NetGeekz.

The Challenge


Design the Cayman Islands first ever e-sports tournament & gaming convention.

Generate Engagement leading into the event and during the event with score updates, player information, match details etc.

A registration & payment platform for the competitors or parent’s to pay fees for themselves or their children’s competition.

In addition to this, they wanted their Website to establish their Brand Image Online & give out relevant information about their programs, sponsorships & their details

The Solution

One significant criteria stood out, the need for a front-end customer experience layer that is decoupled from the business logic layer in order to give their staff the freedom to publish content to the website while keeping the back-end consistent for easy maintenance and scaling.

In addition, NetGeekz will produce weekly videos and social media content. Google ads and YouTube in-stream video ads would be utilized to drive traffic to the website and in person at the event.


The Result

Thanks to the planning and preparing of the esports event as well as its revampted website by NetGeekz, the event now maintains a consistent, and growing, number of attendees as one of the Islands largest events.

They have also gained access to new marketing tools including promotions, discounts and special offers created at the NetGeekz team.

Not only has their new site launch lead to increased sales month over month, but also the digital marketing bundle has led to an increase in the number of social media following and engagement across the board.

Final Summary

The event is a continued success, both in part to excellent event management skills as well as state of the art marketing and website for a savvy tech audience.


If you are thinking about launching your own event website or digital marketing campaign via various channels, and you want to access the best marketing functionalities that NetGeekz offers, get in touch. We are keen to work with you!


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The Client

Gamer's Bay


06 January 2017 - Present


Event Production,
Marketing Bundle
Website Development


Ongoing long term relationship