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The Challenge


Prestige Motors is truly a different type of car dealership. The problem was that you couldn’t see this anywhere on their site.

Like most car dealerships, they had a generic out of the box auto site powered by an out of date content management system and no online marketing.

The Solution

The key was to design and create a beautiful car buying experience online, one that was not only easy to use, but that mimicked the great customer service and personal attention that visitors to their dealership receive and that converted, providing qualified leads. The Systems implemented were:

In addition to creating a site that was easy to search and find your dream car, we created a set of unique tools and features to help facilitate the buying process.


The Results

The end result was a state of the art website with useful resources and functionalities that enhanced the customers buying experience.

Coupled with a full marketing bundle that included in-stream video ads to google search in addition to re-marketing and email marketing, the traffic to the site increased by 15% the first month alone.

SEO was also included and the website also enjoys many free traffic sources from various keywords to their social media platforms.

Not only has their new site launch lead to increased sales month over month, but also the digital marketing bundle has led to an increase in the number of social media following and engagement across the board.

Final Summary

This new site has allowed them to push the envelope for selling cars online and do a larger percentage of the sales process on their website, freeing up their sales people’s time for doing the final close on heavily qualified leads and focusing on sourcing more great cars for their inventory. And quite successfully too.


If you are thinking about launching your automotive website or digital marketing campaign via various channels, and you want to access the best marketing functionalities that NetGeekz offers, get in touch. We are keen to work with you!


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The Client

Prestige Motors
Hyundai Dealership
Cayman Islands


21 May 2018 - Present


Online Marketing &
Website Development


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