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The Challenge


The Island Heritage Charity Drive event needed an updated and responsive website that was able to showcase all of their services and better represent their efforts. They also needed a better way to communicate and disseminate information to the public.

The Solution


The Results

We were able to build the site with an updated tagging structure. Due to the re-design performed, the website speed increased dramatically.


Social media content creation plan was successful, tripling their online audience.


A mobile friendly and responsive website was created that made it easier for donors to contribute to the nonprofit.

With our marketing bundle and analytics, we were able to show where their online interest was coming from and what value they took from their website. This allowed for the client’s organization to better inform their digital marketing efforts, going forward.

Functionality to register volunteers and accept donations was established.

Instructed staff on how to make adjustments to website if necessary

Final Summary

Not only has their new site launch lead to increased donations each year, but also the digital marketing bundle has led to an increase in the number of social media following and engagement across the board.


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The Client

Not For Profit:
Island Heritage Charity Drive


11 March 2019 - Present


Website Development &
Marketing Bundle


4 Weeks


"NetGeekz were professional and knowledgeable. They provided clear communication and ensured our key needs were met for this project."

John Doe
Head Instructor